Must-Haves for Your Hospital Bag

The nursery is ready, those teeny-tiny clothes are hung, and your stroller is waiting for its new owner to arrive. But is your hospital bag ready?

With so much energy going into getting everything prepared for when your littlest family member makes their debut, it can be easy to forget any must-have items for your time at the hospital. We’ve got you covered; read on to find out some of our must-have items for your hospital bag to make your stay a little comfier.


If you have a birth plan, print it off so that you and your care providers can review it together. Bring a few copies so that it can be posted, and added to your chart if needed. Make sure you grab your driver’s license or another form of identification. This one comes from personal experience, it wasn't until we made it all the way to the hospital parking lot, until I realized, no one grabbed the ID's.. back home we went. 

Comfortable Clothes

Soft, loose clothes will be your new best friend after giving birth. Breathable fabrics and elastic waistbands will make getting dressed comfortable, and comforting. Pack a few pairs of underwear that will allow you to wear large maxi-pads after giving birth. Slip-on shoes or sandals will be kind to swollen feet when it’s time to be discharged. If you plan on breastfeeding, add a nursing-friendly bra, and pajama set. A loose robe is always a nice addition for some additional privacy if you plan on welcoming visitors in the hospital.


Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair elastics, toothbrush & toothpaste… You get the gist. Snag travel sizes of your favourite must-haves for getting ready to help you feel refreshed. Dry skin can be common after giving birth so make sure you have some chapstick, face and body moisturizer. Nipple cream will also be a fan favourite if you plan on breastfeeding. Pack a towel from home (you’ll thank us after feeling the scratchy hospital ones). A peri bottle is a must have and the one by FridaMom is highly recommended! 


While you’ll need to double-check with your care providers prior to indulging, have those snacks at the ready. Think easy-to-pack: nuts, dried fruit, crackers, protein bars, and carrot sticks. Or more realistically, your favourite sweet treat or cookies. You do you, we won’t tell. Tuck a reusable water bottle in your snack bag; your hydration needs will soon be off the chart!

For You! 

A Portable Bluetooth speaker with a great playlist is a great idea to keep you comfortable in the labour room, as well if you and babe are there for a few days. The nurses love it too! An extra-long cell phone charging cord is a must. That phone needs to have a charge for all the photos of your little one. 

For the babe

A car seat tops the list, both because a) it’s necessary and b) a nurse will check it out at discharge. A few diapers and wipes, though the hospital will provide some, they only supply so many per family. Now’s also the time to grab that going-home outfit you’ve been dreaming of for months, and any signs or mementos that you want used for a first photo. It’s best to pack a couple of options in both newborn and 0-3 month sizes, as well as a hat and socks depending on the time of year. Your pediatrician or family doctor information will be required, so have that easily accessible. 

When to start getting ready?

Having a hospital bag ready to go by 35 weeks will make you feel a little bit more prepared as you get ready to meet your sweet babe and start a new phase for your family.

A checklist! 

If you are anything like me, if it's not written down it goes in one ear and out the other. No worries, we've got you! Download or print this checklist below to help you pack for the most exciting, much anticipated hospital trip. 

Hospital bag checklist