At Oh Baby! Consignment Co. you'll find a carefully curated, handpicked collection of the pre-loved, quality, modern and boho clothing for your children. With a much needed maternity section for you mamas to be! 

Our mission is to provide parents an enjoyable shopping experience. Generating a sustainable reduce, reuse relove ecosystem for pre-loved clothing filled with encouragement and support: Bringing together quality and consignment. 

We hope you'll love it here just as much as we do.


Free local pickup 1427 Ellis St. or 1296 Ellis St. 

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How We Started

A little introduction ~

My name is Brielle, I am a 26 year old mama from Kelowna. I have a very supportive partner who works out of town most of the time, a beautiful 2 year old little man who I am in absolute awe of every single day & the world's most amazing mom, Carrie! (ok I know I'm biased, but she is pretty awsome)

I dreampt of starting this business because I just love shopping for my little one (who doesn’t), but I find something is missing from the children’s clothing stores that are already out there & I wanted to find it. A quality, sustainable, local and PRE-LOVED shopping experience. Boutique location for the outing and for baby's nap time, the convenience of a fully online pre-loved shop.

But, starting this with my baby only 5 months old, time is so precious and wanting to spend as much of the young years as possible together!

This is where my amazing Mom came in 🖤 🖤 🖤  it was the best thing that ever could have happened! The time already we have spent building this together, PRICELESS, and my dream became our reality. I am so greatful and we are so excited to share this with you!

Now, we're hoping to bring that vision to all mama’s out there. We are stocking quality girls, boys & unisex consignment clothing for children newborn to 6 years old. We started online in April 2021, followed by a local kelowna boutique retail location in October 2021.

Our goal is to become a quality consignment boutique for children’s clothing & help all mama’s out there with dressing their Littlest Love’s with a relaxing and enjoyable shopping experience. We're really hoping this business can create an sustainable ecosystem for mama's to reduce, reuse and recycle their childrens quality clothing for other little ones to love! All while supporting local mamas to make a good profit from their kids wardrobe full of barely worn adorable clothing, thats too small since they grow so fast!

We're manifesting all the good & all the possibilities for the future. We're so excited for where it will take us.
~ A couple Mamas & My Little Man