We are absolutely accepting your pre-loved kids attire while curating our inventory. 

 All consigned items need to be in good condition, laundered, dustless, spot-free and folded/packaged neatly and ready to go (button all buttons, snap all snaps) when given to us. Please bring your items in a box or a bin. We will carefully examine merchandise for tears and/or stains. We are not experts in the safety of apparel or gear, and we do not repair items, so please do not provide us with anything if you have any reason to believe that it could be unsafe for our - Oh so sweet! - little customers. We maintain high aesthetic and practical standards; therefore if an item does not meet our standards we reserve the right not to accept and/or sell that item. If this is the case, we will notify you, and give you the option to take it back, or we will donate it for you. Last but not least, our favourite brands are boutique, small shop & local. We also don't shy away from the larger brands like the Gap, H&M, Zara etc.

The way we are currently accommodating, please read over our consignment contract then come down to either shop (1427, or 1296 Ellis St). with your consignment. Within 2 weeks we will go through your items and decide what is suitable to sell. We will contact you to discuss your items, then you have the option to come pick up any that haven't been listed or we can donate them to Mama's for Mama's on your behalf!

Our goal is to provide a consignment service designed to make you a good, fair profit from your little ones outgrown quality clothing! This is one of the main motivations behind this business. We are so excited to be working with all you local mamas! 



For those of us passionate about sustainability, Consignment is a wonderful alternative! Every Spring we're greeted by our renewing Planet coming back to life after a long winter and we celebrate the warm weather. This time of year we like to put an added focus on sustainability and ending clothing waste, in our Reduce, Reuse, Re-Love shop. 

We know that kids clothes are not the end all solution that will cure our climate change crisis, but it is definitely part of the solution. The textiles industry is one of the most polluting. North Americans throw away over 10 million tonnes of clothing every year, averaging 37 kilograms per person. Since kids grow up so fast, this issue is exacerbated by the short-lived usage of their clothes. By consuming less, but better and sharing our good quality clothes with our community, we work together to alleviate this issue.



We strive to offer new and pre-loved clothes from 0-6y, but the fact is, our Re-Love shop has many more smaller sizes. In our Re-Love shop we do sell some larger sizes, of course, but we won't be satisfied until we can offer just as many clothes sized 2t - 6y as we do Newborn - 24 months. We are always looking to accept these larger sizes. 

There's no minimum or maximum to our consignment! So if you have children's clothes sized 2t-6y that you're finished with, now is a great time to put them back into the circular ecosystem. 

Spring 2022 we celebrate our earth, the one carrying our resources, the one offering us the life we too easily take for granted. We are so thankful for our journey thus far with Oh Baby! Consignment Co. We are happy to be here to support you in your sustainable journey and thank you for investing in our Reduce, Reuse, Re-Love ecosystem!