Our Commitment to Sustainability

Oh Baby! Consignment Co. is dedicated to creating a sustainable future that improves the economic, social, and environmental welfare of the community in which we operate.

How is consignment sustainable?

A carbon footprint is created through the efforts used to produce and distribute the items you purchase. This energy emits greenhouse gasses.

Purchasing consignment directly reduces the carbon footprint for owning an item because you are now sharing the environmental cost with another person within your community.

Choosing to take your unwanted items to a consignment shop instead of a dumpster prevents the resources from going to waste. Landfills are notorious for emitting greenhouse gases that add to global warming.

Shopping and contributing to consignment reduces the need to manufacture new products, which, in turn, slows down production. This directly aides circular fashion.

What is circular fashion?

Circular fashion is sustainable fashion. The practice of repurposing and recycling removes waste from fashion items and allows for a longer life cycle.

The fashion industry produces a lot of pollution, yet shoppers are eager to buy the latest fashion without considering their environmental contribution.

Circular fashion confronts sustainability from the beginning of a product’s life cycle to the very end. Circular fashion ensures that textile resources are managed responsibly through the combined efforts of manufactures, retailers, and consumers.

Take the first step in reducing your carbon footprint by learning how to consign.

Want to learn more about sustainability in the Okanagan?

Okanagan Sustainability Leadership Council